Get Top Dollar$

I have the expertise to help maximize the value of your home!

We`ll discuss ways to increase the saleability of your home.  Prior to getting into real estate I worked as a design consultant. I have a natural ability for best use of space to create the illusion that you and your potential buyer desire.  My experience in decorating and many years of showing homes has taught me what the buyer will be looking for and it doesn`t take throwing out the old stuff and purchasing new stuff. Things to consider when preparing your home for sale:

  • as you know yourself a clean home will sell faster and for more money
  • finish up the minor repairs that you were putting off for someday
  • check linen closets for sheet sets that belonged to a bed you no longer own
  • in other words don`t throw what you still use but de-clutter where needed

I can recommend service people and professionals to assist you where necessary.  Like the survey company as we will need to provide to the buyer an up to date RPR (real property report) upon closing with a stamp of compliance from the appropriate jurisdiction.   After carefully reviewing homes listed for sale on MLS (our multiple listing service) as well as looking at what has recently sold. We will discuss an asking price that is reasonable in the present market place.  Where we price your home may depend on your circumstances and urgency in getting your home sold.  For a faster sale if perhaps you have an offer pending or a house in mind that you don`t want to miss out on then we may not want to price it too high and disinterest the few buyers that are looking.  And on the other hand if you have time, I have time and we can try selling your home for top dollar because of it`s outstanding features but know that we will be reviewing the market weekly to stay current and on top of price reductions if necessary.   I will take several photos of your home so that the buyer`s feel like they are walking through the home themselves. We`ll have a total of 20 photos available on and with additional photos available on my website.  We can increase exposure by holding open houses to the public.   Showing My cell# will be listed on our MLS listing as the number to call to book all showings.  This gives me the opportunity to talk to other realtor who show your property and get some feedback so we know what we need to improve on.  It also lets me screen potential buyers so I know that they are qualified to purchase a home like yours.